Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's Get This Out of The Way

  As you may have noticed, the last post, " Ghost Who Spilled Wine", was scheduled for Halloween, had a definite Halloween theme and yet, it appeared today, the day AFTER Halloween. And you might be saying: "Hey, Ian, what the heck, man? WHY is the Halloween post the day AFTER Halloween?"...And I will answer you thusly...First, please try and refrain from the potty talk, okay? I don't need people coming around here and throwing H-bombs, okay? Secondly, there was another incarnation of this blog, but it was set up for me by a dear friend, who was doing me a favor because I was a little timid about sharing my arts with the world, but he told me I had to go for it. And he was right. So, I did.

   And after a few days, I decided that it might be better if I set up the blog, and ran it myself. Well, my friend didn't like that idea too much, so in a fit of pique, he deleted the blog altogether, so I had to start from scratch this morning.

  We have worked things out, and we are friends, and he is still my biggest supporter and fan.

  And that's your answer. Luckily, I will be able to repost all of the arts that were previously posted, but I think I'll do them one day at a time...So hang loose.

I Call It..."Ghost Who Spilled Wine"

  This one was for Halloween.

An Art Blog

Good afternoon everyone. Sure. And welcome to Sunshine, Lollipops, & Rainbows!! An Art Blog.Okay.

  You know how some people say that they always knew that they had a woman inside them, screaming to get out? Sure.

  Well, I have always felt that my inner woman screaming to get out is an artist.She sure is.Well, what I mean is that I have always had an artist inside me screaming to get out. And, well, I have decided that I'm not keeping that artist quiet anymore! So, I decided to set up this here blog thing so that I could share my "expressions" with you. that's right. I have decided that I'm gonna put on a smock, turn on some funky music, and EXPRESS!!!!!

 So, thanks for visiting!! Okay. And here is the piece that inspired the name and the layout of the art blog!

 And this piece, of course, was inspired by the dazzling Lesley Gore song: