Monday, November 1, 2010

An Art Blog

Good afternoon everyone. Sure. And welcome to Sunshine, Lollipops, & Rainbows!! An Art Blog.Okay.

  You know how some people say that they always knew that they had a woman inside them, screaming to get out? Sure.

  Well, I have always felt that my inner woman screaming to get out is an artist.She sure is.Well, what I mean is that I have always had an artist inside me screaming to get out. And, well, I have decided that I'm not keeping that artist quiet anymore! So, I decided to set up this here blog thing so that I could share my "expressions" with you. that's right. I have decided that I'm gonna put on a smock, turn on some funky music, and EXPRESS!!!!!

 So, thanks for visiting!! Okay. And here is the piece that inspired the name and the layout of the art blog!

 And this piece, of course, was inspired by the dazzling Lesley Gore song:

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